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– What type of communication do you prefer with peers and why?

– What type of communication do you primarily use with your subordinates? Why?

– Do you find you tend to communicate in more formal or informal ways, in general? This could be by channel or by the tone you use in your communication.

– What are your own communication expectations?

– How do you feel being in your own generation has influenced how you use written communication? Verbal communication?

– How do you feel other generations differ from you on this? (all caps, no punctuation, too many exclamation points, etc.)

– There are some pretty big generation gaps we’ve seen outlined today. What are some strategies you can use to help bridge those gaps?

– What do you think the universal expectations among generations should be for communication?

– How do you see Zoom affecting communication in positive ways? Negative ways?

– What are some of the biggest issues you see, as a leader, with communication today? Why do those issues exist?

– Knowing that exponential growth in technology and information will continue, what are some things leaders can do to help ensure successful communication?
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