Turtle POWER!

Name: Autumn

Hometown: Edna, TX

Years with RYLA: a decade!

Position: Facilitator

Fun Fact: I can only smell peppermint.

Name: Matt

Hometown – Decatur, Illinois

Years with RYLA: 3 years1

Position: Counselor

Fun Fact – I used to live in Russia when I was a kid!

My name is Emily Brown. I live in Eugene, OR. I have a goldendoodle named Lexi! I am a girl scout troop leader! I want to become a biomedical engineer!
My name is Cailin Stewart I am 16 years old from Eugene, Oregon. Fun fact about me is that I am an identical triplet!
Zia Brandstetter -I live in Ashland, Oregon -I’m 17 and a junior in high school -I love music, art, and politics -I have a cat named Lucy
I live in Corvallis, Oregon I’m the younger sibling in my family I play soccer and I love listening to music My favorite food is Mac and Cheese
My name is Ashlyn Turnbo. I live in Veneta, Oregon and I am 15 years old. my favorite food is pasta and I love sports.

...and BINGO was his name-o