Days until eRYLA!



The Camp Fam

Facilitator/ Counselor

Name: Spencer


Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma


Years with RYLA: 7 years


Fun Fact: My jaw is in 6 pieces!


The Greatest Navy Team in History

Name: Alyssa

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Type of Pizza: Chicken mediterranean 

Fun Fact: I have 20 chickens

Most Excited For: Meeting new people and doing fun activities!

Name: Dakota



Favorite Color: Brown



Favorite Type of Pizza: Cheese



Fun Fact: Knows how to ply a plane



Most Excited For: Breaking out of my shell and making new friends

Name: Gabe


Favorite Color:


Favorite Type of Pizza:


Fun Fact:


Most Excited For:

Name: Audrey


Favorite Color: Dark Purple


Favorite Type of Pizza: Hawaiian


Fun Fact: I’ve been to Europe


Most Excited For: Meeting new people!

Name: Guinevere


Favorite Color: Blue or pink


Favorite Type of Pizza: Chicken


Fun Fact: I have 6 siblings


Most Excited For: New experiences!

Name: Faris


Favorite Color: Green


Favorite Type of Pizza: Margherita


Fun Fact: I play water polo!


Most Excited For: Learning leadership skills and meeting new people.

Name: Eliyanna (Ellie)


Favorite Color: Purple or teal


Favorite Type of Pizza: All


Fun Fact: I’m an aerialist


Most Excited For: Learning, meeting new people, and having fun!