Maroon Team

Korbyn LeBlanc

I am a student at the University of Kansas. ROCK CHALK! I'm majoring in Theatre Performance and Psychology. I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma. I have a mini goldendoodle named Bean who is my absolute world. I am a rowdy porpoise, a type 2 enneagram, and an ENFP.

Tyler Boden

Senior Counselor
Tyler was introduced to Rotary in high school, when he competed in the Rotary Wrestling Tournament at San Clemente High School. Today, he's happy to have come full circle to being a member and current President of the San Clemente Rotary Club, and volunteering at the wrestling tournament every year. In his professional life, Tyler has a small brokerage firm that represents several solar and energy storage installers; and he is happy to be a part of the deployment of renewable energy throughout Southern California.

Carolyn Skorina

Trailblazer/Junior Counselor
Hello! I am a senior at Tesoro High School and will soon be a freshman at UCLA. I love to make music, play with my three cats, read, and take photographs. I am a social(ish) Eagle, a type 1 enneagram, and an INTJ. My favorite color is green.

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